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How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Good

August 24, 2016 0 Comments

Hardwood floors can withstand the test of time and still look beautiful long after installation. But that is only possible if you know how to maintain and care for it. Yes it requires effort in your part, but seeing the shiny, polished appearance and elegance it brings is all worth it. Here are some guidelines on how to keep it that way.

Protect Flooring With Beautiful Rugs

Why waste a perfectly good floor by placing a rug on it, one may ask. Before you get the wrong idea, it is done not to mask the hardwood, but to protect it from scratches and dirt, especially in high traffic areas. Those zones in your house where a lot of people often walk by can wear out the flooring. To save it from wear and tear, rugs are the solution.

Clean Weekly/Regularly

Sweeping, vacuuming, and waxing are the three steps that you should always do weekly to keep your hardwood looking clean and shiny. Make sure to focus on the sides and edges when doing so because dirt and grime and collect on those tiny spaces. Also, use appropriate tools like soft cloth and the correct wax to prevent damaging the flooring.

Keep The Water Away

All types of wood are not compatible with water. Since your flooring is made from hardwood, it makes sense that you keep water away from it to prevent rotting and staining. If you wish to clean it, do so with the appropriate materials. As for rain water, shut the doors and windows when it is pouring to prevent rain from coming in.

Wipe Immediately

Spills accompany the daily life, especially when children are present in the house. If they do spill their drink, make sure to wipe right after. Never let it sit for a long time because it creates stains.

Hardwood floors are a beauty to behold. They add charm to the house, not to mention increase the price if you are selling in the future. In this case, learn to take care of it by doing the steps above. As long as you are maintaining the hardwood, it can give you years of service.

Fence Ideas for Your Home

May 13, 2016 0 Comments

Aside from giving your home the needed security and privacy from outsiders, fences also spruce up your property. You need not always stick to common white or red picket fences as there are a lot of choices out there, as well as design options to make things livelier. Here are several ideas you can go for.

Be Unique With Metals

Fences are not only made from wood. You can also get one in metal which is favorable for people who are concerned about security more than privacy. Perhaps the best part about this fence is there are numerous designs for the top. Some of them include the more common spear top, gothic, staggered, plus so much more.

Wooden Fences With Windows

Having tall wooden fences allows you to stay comfortable inside your property without the fear of your neighbors looking. However, it also prevents you from seeing things outside. A good solution to that is by adding windows to the fence. Not only does it provide you a view, it also makes for a good style.

Hanging Pots Can Spruce It Up

For those who want an earthy and charming appeal to their fence, hanging pots on it can help. By placing colorful pots with plants against the fence, you are creating a beautiful environment that is also nature friendly. Aside from that, it will make it cooler on summer.

From Ordinary To Extraordinary

Should you decide to go for the picket fence, make it stand out by adding decoration to it. The fence does not have to be boring white; you can paint it with rainbow colors. Or better yet, engrave it with the desired style to make it stand out from the neighbor’s fence. If that does not suit your fancy, you can try alternating the wooden fence and stone/brick pillars.

Do not be afraid to mix it up a little when it comes to your fences. As there are numerous designs out there, have fun choosing which suits your property best. Remember that it is not installed there for security alone but as an extra decoration for the house.

Home Design with Concrete Pathway

May 4, 2016 0 Comments

The front of the house says much about the occupants. If it is clean and beautiful, people think that the residents are also organized and appreciate elegance. The same can be said if it is unkempt and dilapidated. Adding a concrete pathway enhances your property, creating an inviting space from the outside alone. If grand entrances are your thing, here are some things to keep in mind.

Pattern Your Pathway

Concrete walkways come in a wide array of designs and patterns. You need not stick to traditional and dull looking gray tones. Opt for eye-catching styles that will help bring out the beauty of the front. The more conservative the entrance is, the better your patterned pathway will complement it.

Have A Stairway

Pathways look grander when it ends in stairways or steps just outside the front door. It is pleasing to the eyes and gives the appearance of a larger space. Select the proper texture and color to make it more appealing.

Place Planters or Fountains

Add charm to your boring pathway by placing huge circular fountains in the middle. If you think maintenance is going to be an issue due to the water replacement, use planters instead. It gives the same relaxing vibe while being easier to clean.

Go All Out With Columns

For complete visual experience, you can place concrete columns on the side. Whenever your guests walk on the pathway, they will feel as if they are stepping on a different place altogether, and not merely visiting a friends home.

Revive Your Old Concrete

Because replacing your old but still very usable concrete tends to be expensive, you should consider giving it a facelift instead. Do that by using stencils and paints that will give it a complete overhaul. It costs cheaper but makes the pathway look better.

Concrete walkways are often misinterpreted as dull or cold looking. With the proper style and technique, that should not be the case. Let the following tips guide you into creating a pathway that you can be proud to show off, whether it be to the guests, neighbors, or your own family.

Top 5 Items for Housewarming Gift Ideas

April 16, 2016 0 Comments

What better way to show someone who moved just how much you care than by giving them a housewarming gift? Because changing location can be tough, they will appreciate the gesture and thoughts placed into it. But make sure the gift is usable as you do not want it sitting in the corner and collecting dust. Here are top 5 items that most people want.

Woven Baskets/Trays

For couples who love bread and desserts, a woven tray or basket is a great gift. They can place their pastries there and serve it any time of the day for the family or guest. Aside from that, this gift can also be used for storage purposes. They can also place flowers on it and use it as design for the table.

Bottle Opener

People think that they do not need one because they have plenty stocked in their house. However, when drinks need to be poured and guests are coming in, bottle openers seem to vanish mysteriously. Because you can never have enough of this, it would be a great gift for the neighbors.

Welcome Mat/Rug

These types of rugs are very charming and add appeal to the house. People who just moved in usually do not have new stocks of these so getting one from you will be greatly appreciated. You can also make one yourself if you have the time and want to put in effort.

Welcome Goodies

Want to keep it simple? Go for baked goodies or wine that the new neighbors will enjoy. This is favorable if you do not know what type of personality the receiver has and you want to stay safe.

Coffee Maker

For you best mate or friend, giving a coffee maker is on top of the list. Who doesn’t appreciate coffee anyway? Receiving a new one from you is like icing on the cake.

When it comes to housewarming gifts, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars just to show how much you care. Even simple things will go a long way, as long as it is usable and in line with the receiver’s hobbies.

Cleaning Tips to Make Your Life Easier

April 1, 2016 0 Comments

A clean, spotless, and organized house is what everyone aims for. However, with work and family responsibilities piling in, it can be hard to maintain a clean home. Add to that procrastination and you may be looking at week after week of dust and mess. But things do not have to be that way. Here are some tips to make your life easier.

Don’t Put It Off

People tend to procrastinate on cleaning duties because they know it consumes time. And who wants to spend more than an hour arranging that chaos? But in reality, you need only 10 to 15 minutes everyday to clean. Do it so the work does not pile up in the weekend when you crave to sit back and relax.

Keep It Together

Store your cleaning materials in a bucket so that you need only to grab it and go whenever you need to clean. With this method, no longer will you waste time searching for materials. As for the brooms, experts say to store it with the bristles on top. It makes it easier for you to know where it is placed, not to mention it will help in preventing damage to the bristles.

Microwave To Clean

Because bacteria tend to accumulate in sponges, you want to disinfect it thoroughly every night. The best way to do it is by placing it inside the microwave and turning the heat up. Do it for one minute so you can have a sponge that you are confident to use.

Make The Bed

Inside the bedroom, the fastest way to clean is by targeting the bed first. It occupies the largest space in that area so it makes sense that your eyes focus on it whenever you enter the room. When the bed is organized, there is an illusion that the bedroom is neat and orderly.

Because cleaning the house is a must, give time for it every single day. If you are too busy with work and other responsibilities, consider getting house cleaning services. They have a few tricks up their sleeve as well. It comes with a price, but it gives you time to relax.