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How to Take Good Care of Your Lawn

November 9, 2013

One must spend quality time in taking care of the lawn. The outdoor is like your beautiful face where people can tell you are indeed pretty. Just like your home, people can distinguish your personality by the type of home you have. Hence, the lawn may enhance the look of the entire house.

When to Mow the Lawn?

If the grass has grown taller and will require mowing, the best time to do this is in the afternoons. The weather isn’t that hot; hence, it is more comfortable to do this chore. When you mow the lawn, don’t overcut the grass so the surface roots can’t be exposed to the sun’s heat. If you do so, this will dry up the soil and hinder new grass growth. It will also create insect homes.

Using Good Blades

Just because you have to mow the lawn, ensure the blades are sharpened before usage. You should also position the mower at least 2-1/2 inches away from the soil. Make a certain direction as you move your mower so the grass can be cut evenly. Also ensure the machine is not clogged with grass. You can do this chore every two weeks.

Choices for Mowers

You need to choose mowers that are safe to use. If you cannot do the mowing yourself, you might want to hire an expert. You have two options for the machine to use. You can opt for electric lawn mowers, where cords need to be attached to an outlet; or you can settle for the cordless types which are safer.

Now that you have trimmed your lawn, it should look better. You may need to water the grass once in a while to keep it alive. This is a task done in a typical way for care of your lawn, and thus it helps make a beautiful outdoor.

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