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Trendy Lights in the Lanai and Patio

November 6, 2013

Enjoy your backyard from the patio as if you are in a resort getaway. Put your feet up every day and bask in a beautiful ambiance that will beat out any resort in the Caribbean.  Simple lighting is crucial to any room and more so outside your House. Transform any lanai or patio into a world class resort with the following guidelines in great lanai lighting.

Budget Saving

Great landscapes can be a bit expensive however artisans have given the world a better solution to overly designed backyards. Mood lighting in the backyard. It is very helpful in keeping budgets low and on the right track.

Lanterns and Chain Lights

It now has a huge range of designs to choose from. You can go modern with more vibrant colors or classical with sconces type of lighting. Chain lights reminiscent of fairy lights have fabulous designs that can diversify your lanai into different venues.


It is used to illuminate a fabulous sculpture, fountain or even a brush. This mood enhancing lighting gives your lanai the classy look you are looking for. You will be amazed that with even one spotlight a great backdrop will come out of it.

Down lights

A little romantic touch with your downlights will go a long way. The ambiance is well improved and transforms your lanai into a whole new atmosphere. Modern downlights gives you different  colors to pick and such variety allows more setting.

Great lighting adds beauty to any room so don’t overlook the patio when you are planning your home. With just a few of these tips to guide you to a resort looking backyard, you can save yourself vacation time or overindulging in backyard amenities and play with your existing patio with fabulous lighting solutions.

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