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Knowing Which Thermostat Works For You

December 30, 2013

Thermostats are  temp sensitive switches that controls your home environmental temperature. They are usually standard parts of your air conditioner. However nowadays thermostats can be customized to your liking as well. Operations can now range from the standard manual version to the more modernized programmable units. A lot of special features are added because of the demand for convenience.

Types of Thermostats

  1. Manual – they are the standard ones that are economical and easy to understand. However it offers limited functions. It also contains mercury which are now considered to be a very dangerous substance.
  2. Programmable thermostats – they are the modern automated thermostats. It comes with a great savings of 33% on heating and up to 25% on cooling. It can automatically switch by itself throughout the year as seasons change. They are easy to understand as well and definitely mercury free.

Which Type Is Your Cooling System

  1. Works for 1 stage heat – cool wherein you have separate heating and air conditioning unit
  2. Works for 2 stage or multi stage heat – cool wherein heating and cooling have high and low speed
  3. Works for Direct Line Voltage wherein 110 and/or 240 direct current power source is utilized for manual versions
  4. Works for 24mV wherein you can utilize fireplace, floor and wall furnace
  5. Zoned HVAC wherein heating and cooling controls the different parts of the House or building

Allow yourself time before considering to purchase a particular thermostat. Check out which programming will be useful for you, like how many days will you be able to change programs. Check out some great add ons like backlit display panels and or indicator lighting. These are but a few of the things you need to consider before settling for one. Make it count.

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