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Making a Grand Entrance with Your Entry Door

December 22, 2013

What’s in a door, or to be more grammatically correct but with less drama, what’s inside the door? Entry doors sold in the market are either in classic design or art deco geometrically styled design. These days you can custom make anything and everything because of a modernized delivery system coming from all parts of the world. Take advantage of such opportunities and make that Grand Entry.

Getting Started

Be prepared to shell out more for this door because it will be your House’s initial statement. Planning around your Door can also be your first step in designing your House. But most people prefer working around the Living Room design. So Look at the overall theme of your House and check out innumerable online pictures and suggestions.


The possibilities are innumerable, but of course you have to stick to the materials you have already used all throughout the House. Unless of course you are making your door entry the focal point of your House. Working around your Door entry is good too, especially if you will be using materials from some special place. More common materials are fiberglass, steel and wood.

Whether to Weather

Fiberglass doors and steel are very popular because of their insulating capabilities. A lot of big names in Door Entry industry are mostly concentrating their product lines around these materials. Wood is the most common, however it doesn’t insulate well as steel and fiberglass.

Make a bold statement with your Entry doo.Going for period design are still the commonly used entry door design. However you can still opt to go modern and simply wow your guests and yourself every time you come home. Glass Front doors are pretty fancy choices, you can go clear and see all the way through to your backyard, or keep it mystifying and frost it up. Whatever design choice you end up with keep in mind that if it works for the whole house, it will work for the entry door.

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