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Relaxing In Your Bath with Proper Lighting

December 5, 2013

Different people have different lighting choices especially in the bathroom.  Some clients prefer their lights in the bathroom to be staggeringly bright, others just uses one ceiling light. But with more and more people realizing the necessity of a relaxing bath time, bathroom lighting also becomes more and more important. Here are a few guidelines to remember before construction of your bathroom.

1. Types of Light bulbs: Halogen lighting are your standard lighting option, however a trendier generation are going for compact fluorescent bulbs.

2. Task Lighting: Keep in mind that bathrooms are used for a lot of personal tasks. This is where you shower, shave, put on make-up, and relax in your bath. With a lot of these activities going on, one should give each activity proper planning.

3. Recessed  Down Lighting: They are for decorative purposes, mood enhancers and most importantly they are also space saving solutions. However this is the most common mistake of homeowners. Due to the lure of space saving, homeowners go down this wrong path and end up with bad lighting for their vanity.

4. Vanity Lighting: The lighting plan for the Vanity requires a bit more attention. Track lights over the mirror or bulbs around the mirror? With a lot of trendy track lights available in the market you wouldn’t think there’s anything wrong with using that for your bathroom. However it can create shadows that won’t go well to any ladies who uses it. Wall brackets is a great solution for this problem. Vertically mount them 75” to 80” above the floor.A more obvious choice would be bulbs around the mirror which a lot of makeup artists use. Keep in mind that white lighting gives you a more accurate skin tone.

Bathrooms require your attention as much as the Kitchen. Don’t be surprised if the Interior Design field will come out with a bracket for Bathroom designers. These days bathrooms are requiring a lot of planning after the advent of exciting line of bathtubs and showers.

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