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To Panel or Not to Panel the Living Area

December 12, 2013

Panelling is a great way to up the ante of any room. Your living room can easily turn into the fabulous trendy dream room you have always wanted. However some living rooms are small and dark that paneling might not be a good idea. But read on to find out more about paneling and decide for yourself if it is the right design that will improve your living room.

Types of Panelling

1. Wainscot Panelling – Uses riven oak boards during the earlier times. Later on it became so popular that Wainscot Panelling can use any type of wood as long as it is quarter-sawn and used as the inner side of the wall. Evolution once more changed that when it was used for decorative purposes. It evolved one last time when wainscot paneling became wainscotting  which meant tng boards placed above or below the dado rails or chair rails.

2. Boiserie Panelling – It is the more popular choice for the aristocrat, elegant or simply chic homeowners. It is the more ornate and intricately carved wood paneling. Mouldings with embossed effects is but one of those favored kind of Boiserie Panelling. Seen in most Castles and Palaces like the Palace of Versailles.

From the Aristocrats to the Common man

Everyone wants to feel like royalty, paneling their homes with wood is somewhat the closest one can get to feeling like and Aristocrat. So back in the 60’s when there was a Real Estate boom all over the world, wood paneling was the modern and stylish design. But along with the Avocado bath tubs and tiles, the next generation swore never to use it, ever. A resounding never, until now wherein Wood paneling is back in the trend.

Be careful with your decision on using Wood Panelling because it can easily turn your room into a dark and gloomy abode. Use it in moderation to keep it modern. Use it as a focal point, a below the dado rails type of paneling, or better, alternating wood panels.  Then again how can one resist covering everything up.

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