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Choosing the Right Living Room Design for Your Personality

January 1, 2014

You certainly love those Kremlin gold gilding, huge federal furniture, large tapestries plus a dreamy grand piano where you fantasize of placing your fabulous picture frames on. It would be great, however will it fit your lifestyle, your personality and your housemates? Before decorating your living room take a quick look at your personality and lifestyle.

Take a decorating personality quiz

Answer a decorating personality quiz either from an online site or book. Easily determine which design concept your tastes lie. Interior Designers are like Psychiatrists sometimes. They have to decipher the personality of their clients to guide them to their client’s styling choices. Movies, fashion sense or reading material are but a few of the deciding factors for this. You may also use a focal point, like a great painting or a sculpture and decorate around it.

Honesty is the best Policy

Make a list of your own living room activities. By doing so you will be able to project what will become of your living room. Understand the use of the living room for you or your family aka housemates. A crystal  vase can easily topple down by a kid or you and cause you a lot of stress. Be honest with yourself and understand that it will be you who’s going to use that living room, not the photographers of Architectural Digest.

If the shoe fits

Work with your space, do not fight your living room because you love a certain couch that just won’t fit your space.  Do not squeeze in things that are ridiculously too big for your space, like the couple with a grand piano in their living room that doesn’t have room for a sofa, or a settee.

This is your Home not just a home, note the capital H and small h. You are going to live with it, come home to it after a bad day at work. Take time to decide on which works for you, your family and yes your space. Class and Elegant things doesn’t have to mean expensive, it doesn’t have to mean a 60 degree character change, because sooner or later the truth will come out.

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