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DIY Temporary Roofing Solutions

January 14, 2014

Owning a House is difficult especially if things start to fall apart. If you lived in a condo you don’t have a super you can harass to fix the leaky sink or the unhinged door and you definitely won’t have leaky roofs. However no worries, there are temporary leaky roof solutions around, and once you have learned these few steps, you wouldn’t exchange your backyard for any super.

1. Find the leak – Look for it by gauging from where it is leaking to which part of the roof it started from. You are lucky if your roof is flat, however no worries if your roof is slanted all you have to do is inspect the leak on the higher area where it goes down. Having an attic would be a lot easier as well, because you can easily go up to it to inspect for black stains.

2. Use a Hose – Once you have a couple of suspected places where it the leak stemmed out, it is now time to test the hypothesis. You will need a partner for this job, so ask your partner or friend to help you. Turn the hose unto the suspected places of the roof and ask your assistant to watch out for the leaking. This will mark the spot where it all begins.

3. The Culprit – Once you have established your ground zero it’s time to investigate the cause of the leak. Look for obvious damages like a dilapidated or missing part of the roof. Once you have established the cause of the damage then it will be easier for you to explain to the professional what you saw.

4. Temporary patching – By using resin, easily seal off the part of the roof that is damaged. You can also use paint it with bitumen. This will buy you a little time until the professional roofers can visit your House.

These steps are temporary solutions to a really big problem. Professionals can easily fix your roof however getting them to fit you into their schedule may take some time and that wasted time can cause a lot of damage to your home. So no worries follow the steps and save yourself a lot of money from a more bigger damage.

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