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Glamorous Bathrooms in a Small Budget

January 10, 2014

That special place for hygiene was thankfully privatized by the Romans with the invention of the aqueducts. The age of cleanliness was the glorious time of Toilets and sewers as well.  Nowadays bathrooms are overlooked luxury and sometimes glamming up one’s bathroom takes a backseat to Living rooms and Kitchens because of the tight budget. Read on and discover the alternative.

1. Slightly damaged shopping – Not the needle in a haystack solution scenario you fear. The Internet is full of websites promoting slightly damaged bathroom fixtures with really affordable pricing. Another reason to celebrate the Internet. Shop for fabulous clawfoot tubs for less than a hundred and beautiful vanity under fifty.

2. Second Hand Materials – Brand new damaged fixtures are not the only things you can find online. Second Hand materials can easily turn your bathroom into an Elegant private bath. Save money with old paneled door tables repainted  converting a simple tiled bathroom sink into a classic beauty.

3. Hang a Framed picture of Classic sketches – Yes easily turn a dowdy bathroom into an elegant extension of your den by simple framed sketches of flowers or bicycle or front view sketch of a federal building.

4. Tiling the budgeted way – Easily cut costs by using tiles as accessories and not covering up the whole bath with it. Choose the most exquisite tiles and turn it into focal points of the bathroom. Cut expenditures some more by searching for bargains or second hand tiles.

5. Paints, Colors and a bit of Imagination – Give your current bathroom a makeover for less with a fabulous repainting job. As with any rooms or houses fresh paint somehow does the job.

Keep your bathrooms fabulously inspiring because if you think about it you spend a quarter of your time at home in your bathroom, either relaxing in the tub or doing your business in the water closet.


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