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A Great Lighting Plan for Your Ceiling

February 6, 2014

Designing your ceiling plan can be quite tiresome especially if you are only after aesthetic. In the end, the really groovy lighting fixture you chose may not be enough to light your living room or kitchen. Planning the proper lights for each and every room is important.

1. Before planning

Jot down the specific activities you for see doing in that certain room. List down the names of each room and write down as many activities you can think of that will be done in that room. Make it a family meeting when doing this so everyone can pitch in their activities, it will be easier if you are only planning for yourself.

2. Do your Research

Once you have the list of rooms and activities easily research on the proper lighting fixtures that can help on those activities. Like say the Kitchen will be needing this kind of lighting to be able to gauge the proper light source needed. Learn about the varieties of lights like Torchieres, Pendant lights or Chandelieirs. Clearly understand each and every lighting source and their objectives.

 3. Seek your Electrician or Contractor’s help

Of course it is your job to know what’s going in to your house, but there are limits to what you can learn and do. Your contractor or electrician will be able to assist you with regards to the voltage requirements and limitations per room. They will also assist you on the proper placement of the lights, but it still falls to you where you want them, the placement, the designs and the electrical energy allotment needed.

This may be the most testing part of the construction plan but it is important and crucial that you are part of it as well. Despite the lack of knowledge, participation is still a really big help. It is your House after all.

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