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Planning the Perfect Family Weekend Barbeque

February 20, 2014

Weekend barbeques especially with the family is anything but fun. Kids get to learn about the basics of all human need, grilling your food. Enjoy the sun and the breeze and while manning the grill watch the kids run around. In order to have the perfect weekend barbeque with the family, here are a few guidelines.

  • Plan out the menu – Make sure to list down the food you will be serving like salads the kinds of buns, meats and hotdogs if you want to. Make sure to list them down so you won’t forget anything.
  • Grill prep – if you are using a gas grill remember to check the propane level. List down a propane stand by because a barbeque without a grill is a no no. If you are using a charcoal remember to have a good amount of coals on standby as well.  Matches are important too just in case.
  • Easily rent one if you don’t have one yet. A great way to check out which grill fits your grilling taste is to test them out.  If you have fabulous neighbors, you may also try to borrow theirs but make sure to return it clean and refilled after use.
  • Do not forget to buy paper plates, utensils, napkins and of course a trash bag.
  • Stock up on ice as well so you don’t have to go back inside the house. Make it a great day to spend it all day outdoors.
  • Spice up the day with outdoor speakers and make a playlist of fun party music. A bit of family games planning is also great, make it more interesting by putting up a stand with lots of nice prizes so the kids will be excited to win.

It is always fun to enjoy the outdoors. A last tip would be make it a gadget free day for the whole family. It will surely make you unpopular but this is one great way to spend a day off from tech and just enjoy what nature has to offer.

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