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Closer to Nature Right in Your Own Backyard

June 27, 2014

Many believe that a dose of greenery helps not only the mind but also the body. It’s not every day, however, that you can head out into the mountains to commune with nature. Your only alternative is to have some plants and trees in your background. It might sound simple enough, but a lot of work actually goes into having a woodsy backyard that looks aesthetically pleasing. Some homeowners have ended up with a hodgepodge of foliage that resulted in more stress and hassles than they had to begin with. Just like your interiors, you have to get expert help for your external spaces too. You can have a decorator and landscape artist help you create the most relaxing or stimulating backyard. There are great ideas at to help you get your daily dose of nature.

Aside from the plants and trees that will fit your backyard, you also have to pick your decorations and furniture. A place where you can sit back and enjoy the breeze is important. Pick a comfortable spot and then pick the furniture that you think would work best in that space. It is important to let your decorator know what you intend to do in that space. If it is meant to be your temporary escape from your daily tasks, you can think of the space as your private paradise. To prepare for your meeting with your decorator, you might want to think of these two questions first:

What activities do you plan to do in your space? This will determine the layout of the space. The layout as well as the choice of furniture and décor of the outdoor space should make it convenient for you to do your activities.

What items of furniture are absolute must-haves for you? You might already have existing furniture that you do not want to let go of. Or, you might have specific pieces of furniture that you want to purchase and have as the focal point of your backyard. Tell your decorator about these at the onset so he can incorporate whatever you want in the final design.

With these in mind, you and your decorator and landscape artist can come up with the perfect nature getaway right in your own backyard, one where you can curl up in a hammock with a good book for a couple of hours.

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