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How to Care for Living Room Furniture

June 27, 2014

The living room is a busy part of the House. Some households uses this space as their family room, tv room and gaming room. For even smaller houses, they turn this also as the study area for the kids. For those without kids, they can easily maintain the furniture. Well here are a couple of ways to care for your living room furniture.

1. Periodic dusting – By making sure you do dusting every other day or a maximum of every three days, you are sure to keep your furniture especially the sofa free from dust and free from rot.

2. Newspaper print – Keep those nasty newspaper print ink from delicate fabrics on your sofa, lounge chairs even the carpet. The ink is relentless and can cause permanent stain.

3. Baking Soda – Prevent further damage with Baking soda, attend to those spilled liquids immediately before they ruin the fabric forever.

4. Cushion rotation – Periodic turning of the cushions after dusting them off can keep the cushions looking fresh and puffy.

5. Machine Wash vs Dry Clean – Do research on the fabric you used for your sofa chairs and rugs/carpet. Proper laundry instructions will allow your fabrics to outlast the frames. Dry clean may be the best answer if you cannot figure out if it’s safe to machine wash.

A lot of professional cleaners can assist you with deep cleanse. They have the proper materials and will be able to care for your living room furniture with greater ease. Going Professional is not a failure on your part but just an added maintenance for the betterment of your furniture. It is after all an investment.

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