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How to Shop For Chandelier Lights

July 24, 2014

It is the most beautiful thing you will see in a really elegant Home. The centerpiece of any social venues. The crystal playing with the bulbs stops you right on your track and keeps you there hypnotized by its radiance and glamour. Chandeliers are really beautiful, however if chosen poorly it can really mess up your ambiance and worse cause a lot of electrical outages.

Design your rooms correctly

Most chandeliers are used as focal points to any room style. A French styled chandelier will surely clash with a country designed dining table. So make sure that planning around the chandelier is of utmost importance unless you are going for shabby chic and intend to mix a long log table with a French styled chandelier.

Types of Chandelier

  1. Traditional – Most common uses candlestick and crystals with crystal waterfall
  2. French – Most fabulous Venetian or Bobeche crystals elegant and shimmering
  3. Transitional – Most sleek, Art Deco era with Nickel and Chrome
  4. Country – Most Homey, Wrought Iron, Cottage Painted finish
  5. Tiffany – Most fancy uses Metal and Stained Glass
  6. Mission – Most Casual Wrought Iron and Wood materials
  7. Lodge – Most weathered and shabby chic Uses Wrought Iron and Antler
  8. Whimsical – Most themed uses unusual shapes and sculpted metal
  9. Choosing the right size for your room

Make sure to put in the correct size for your rooms because too big it can overwhelm a room and too small can simply disappear amidst the big furniture and accessories.

Chandeliers have earned their really pricey costs, they are exquisitely manufactured with love and care. May it be faux crystals or wrought iron leaves may it be real crystals or hand painted gilding, Chandeliers are bespoke no matter who designed it or for what purpose. Where they are permanently placed is what matters and it is up to you to make sure they are properly installed forever.

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