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Choosing the Right Light Fixture for a Small Kitchen

August 16, 2014

Choosing the right lighting fixture for any kitchen is one of the most important things to consider in any ceiling plan. The Kitchen is the busiest part of the House, this is where feasts are made, where your daily intake of energy is prepared. It is important to give proper focus on the lighting required especially if you don’t have much space for it since it is small.

Plan out using the floor plan and ceiling plan of your contractor. By properly understanding the construction plan of your kitchen you will be able to design it the right way without worrying about mistakes. Make use of the plans, you might hit on an important wire that will leave your home in the dark for days because of improper planning.

Seek out Professional help and assistance. DIY is good however some electrical plans may not be your cup of tea and you might end up biting too much into something you cannot swallow. A bit of assistance can go a long way and might save you more money than you think you will waste.

Space saving tips are always good. Since this is a small kitchen use a big fluorescent light on the ceiling, white is preferred to make sure everything is as clear as daylight, it is food prep room after all. Under the cabinet lights are also space savers.

Keep away from track lights if your space is not big enough, they may seem like a great way to save space however if it doesn’t fit then don’t push it.

Always talk it out with a contractor. Improper electrical planning may harm your lighting fixture and end up with a dim and dreary light as supposed to the lighting fixture you bought in the store.

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