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Express yourself; just take care of your wall

August 1, 2014

Staring at a room loaded with nothing more than some empty walls and furniture is really boring. Then you missed the opportunity to make your empty walls speak. Empty walls can be decorated in different ways. You can use modern or classic design for your walls decoration.

Transforming empty walls is really very simple and interesting. You can change it to artistic walls with simply hanging anything on them. For instance, you can fill up your wall by clocks. Clocks are an elegant way to add wall decor to your space. Choose giant clock in order to fill up the wall. Another functional and decorative accessory is the shelf. You can hang them to provide space for books, frames and vases. Furthermore, you can add just a simple colorful display to your wall. You can use wallflowers or love letters to express your feelings.

You can paint walls with black the sense of darkness or you can paint it with white sense of purity and peace. It is up to you to make your decision. Walls are the mirror of our souls

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