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Converting a Portable Camper into a cozy Guest Room

September 3, 2014

You have a portable camper that you use only for well camping and you camp about once a year so what do you do with it the rest of the year? Storage room, stock room, empty and sad the rest of the year. Well here’s a great idea. Why not turn it into a fabulous guest room.

Guest rooms are rooms you need in the house but you rarely use because you rarely have guests. Well why not combine the two most rarely used rooms in your household by turning your Portable Camper into a live able guest house.

  1. Renovate the camper into a live able guest house by cleaning it up like you would any abandoned room in your house. By doing so you save time and energy when you do use the camper for your camping trip.
  2. Go the distance and change the interior walls with fabulous insulation and flooring. Wood paneling on the ceiling and walls are great way to keep the heat in. A bit of imagination and add great furniture in as well.
  3. Replace the electrical panel. Have a new outlet installed with its very own circuit. Plan out the electrical circuitry of the whole camper to prevent hazardous shortages.
  4. Hammered down furniture can be quite a hassle when maintaining. Air it out whenever you can so to keep it from molding. Proper care of the exterior part is also important. There a couple of branded cleaning products specifically for your portable camper.

Be inventive and save a lot of money with what you have in handy. A portable camper can still be used in so many ways besides a guest house. Like a great study for you, a little oasis away from the noisy household.

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