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Keeping It Steady With Timber Crane Mats

November 12, 2014

Available in lengths of up to 40 feet, timber crane mats from Quality Mat Company are the ideal solution for supporting the extreme weight of construction sites or oil rig cranes. Using the finest premium oak timbers to construct the mats, Quality Mat Company uses steel rods on 4 foot centers. The mat materials are then tightened with impact wrenches, countersunk, cut off, and bradded, ensuring the same nuts are retained throughout the mat’s life.

Both dense and resistant to extreme compression, timber crane mats are favored by petrochemical and construction professionals for a wide range of applications. Design for maximum stabilization, these mats have been used for shoring up the ground while digging and laying pipelines. They’ve also been deployed as crane stabilization mats, either singularly or stacked on top of each other.

For limited engagements or singular jobs, you can ask Quality Mat about rental arrangements. They will even deliver and collect the mats after your project has been completed. With a tradition of more than 40 years of quality manufacturing, Quality Mat Company is dedicated to fulfilling its customers’ needs.

If you want to order timber crane mats or discuss a custom build for your next project, contact Quality Mat Company today at or call toll-free at 800-227-8159.

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