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Getting the House Ready for Winter

December 1, 2014

The cold is settling in and the snow will begin to fly soon. You’ve brought out your winter clothes. Now it’s time to get your house ready. Take this opportunity to prepare now before the worst of the weather hits. You’ll be snug and cozy for the duration. Your utility bills will be more reasonable as well when you give your house a little extra attention during the harshest season of the year.

Check for Drafts

The first thing you need to do is find out if you have any serious drafts in your home. Check all of your windows and doors. Draft catchers can be placed at the bottom of doors to eliminate some of the cold air coming in. You can also use weather stripping around windows and doors to create a solution to the problem. You may need to consider window and door replacements as well. Consider a Thermo-Bilt Windows & Doors window when you need a bay window installation Toronto, or have decided to tackle other windows and doors throughout your home.

Check Your Furnace and Thermostat

Now is the time to contact your heating and cooling professionals to take a look at your heating system. This should include your thermostat as well. Maintenance is the best option when you want to prevent problems from occurring when you need your heat the most. Have your chimney cleaned and make sure everything is in good shape before you really need it.

Conserve Energy

Your utility bills will be higher in the winter. There is no escaping that reality. However, you can be conscientious about conserving energy. Turn off lights and appliances when they are not in use. Keep the thermostat at a reasonable level that will not turn your home into a sauna. Use sweaters and blankets when you don’t want to crank up the heat. Close off sections of the house that are not in use in order to trim your energy expenses.

Insulate the Outside of Your Home

In addition to taking measures inside your home in preparation for winter, you can also keep an eye on the exterior of your home. Instead of getting rid of all of your leaves, rake them up against the foundation of your home for extra insulation. It’s only a small measure, but it could help you to keep your house warmer as the bitter winds blow.

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