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Getting the Most Out of Your Tools with Pneumatics

January 26, 2015

Air compressors are used to convert power such as from a diesel engine, electric motor, or gas engine into a form of kinetic energy. This is done by pressurizing compressed air so that it can be released on command in quick bursts. The air is pushed through a hose to a tool or into an inflatable object. They can be a very useful item to have at one’s home due to the fact that they serve many purposes.


These devices make inflating common household items, such as air mattresses, footballs, basket balls, soccer balls, and tires, a simple process. When a blow gun is attached, it becomes an excellent tool for cleaning up saw dust around wood working projects and is great for applying stain or paint with an air brush. These devices can actually power many types of tools. Air tools, or pneumatic tools, include palm nailers, nail guns, drills, staplers, grinders, screw drivers, sanders, cutting tools, impact wrenches, socket wrenches, and paint guns.

Air Tool Benefits

Air tools cost less than electric stand-alone tools. This is because they all share a common power source, the compressor. The average air nail gun is less than half the cost of a gas powered one. By having only one centralized motor, the risk of fails is decreased. Also, tools run by a compressor have much more power than standard tools. Another big plus is that one can upgrade all of their tools by simply upgrading the compressor. Each tool will benefit by having more speed, longer run time, and better torque. This is much more cost effective than having to replace each individual tool.

Buying a Compressor

These devices come in both portable and stationary models. Portable designs include a handle and wheels so that it can be moved easily. They usually have smaller tanks. A stationary version will have a larger tank with a much more capable motor. Compressors are made by top name brands like Ingersoll Rand, Bend Pak, and Craftsman. They can be purchased at most any hardware store, home improvement retailer, or online merchant like

Having a compressor to convert power into kinetic energy can be very functional to have around the home. When combined with pneumatic tools they open up all kinds of possibilities. Powering tools and inflating household items will become a much easier task for any homeowner.

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