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Maximizing Your Small Bathroom Space

January 6, 2015

The Bathroom is not only the place to do number ones and number twos. It is also not just your bathing time away from the noise. It is not your bedroom but it still requires the most important factor in life, relaxation. So design it properly and give it the extra dose of lovely to maximize the space.


A bit of hues on the wall color palette will give you the illusion of a big space. Shades for focal colors can be used however keeping it light and nice is the way to go.

Clean and Clear

With light color palette a bit of frost might still cause claustrophobia and not relaxation. Avoid frosted glass and go for clear. It will psyche your mind into a liberating space instead of a constricting space which you don’t want to feel especially if you are after loosening up.

Open and spacious

De clutter the clutter. Bringing up all of the cabinets on the ceiling is a great way to maintain the open and airy space that you want for your bathroom hour. Keep the mess out of sight and out of mind.

Proper Lighting

Make sure to plan out the light. If it is a bathroom without windows do not despair great lighting can compensate for lack of natural light. With so many choices available to keep up with the demand we are indeed living in interesting times. Have a dimmer installed, it will turn your bath time into a hotel experience.

Make sure to keep the space relaxing and very open. Unwinding in the bath is the first step in catching some zzzs in the bedroom. The bathroom is a crucial first step in indirectly closing the day.

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