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Quality Products Deserve Quality Hardware

January 19, 2015

Exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials and well-conceived product design are just a few of the essential elements of a product that functions at high levels of efficiency and longevity. Designers and manufacturers of products and equipment that requires user access in some manner also must ensure that customers can reliably open and close doors and panels over the course of a product’s life expectancy without fail.

Key Elements of Quality Hardware

Hinges, latches and handles should first and foremost function in such a way that the user is barely aware of their presence. For something as simple as a hinge, in order to achieve this element, a properly manufactured hinge will remain in place and stay in alignment without requiring extraordinary attention, even when it is exposed to less-than-ideal environments and usage.

High quality hardware should also be consistent and predictable so that its specifications can be depended upon in terms of duty cycles and suitability for any particular application. Only hardware that has been tested extensively and proven to perform at or above specifications is worthy of consideration.

Special Applications

With the pace of change constantly accelerating, it is not uncommon to find a product that will not perform as intended with standard hardware. A hardware manufacturer that is capable of designing and building custom hardware, such as Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, can provide invaluable assistance and rapid prototyping for fast turnaround of new designs. Once a new design has been received for testing, it will also benefit from the ability to make changes that were not evident in the original design.

Modern technology is indispensable for this element. It is possible to use computers to design hardware parts and to get a good idea of the viability of a design for the intended purpose. Physical samples made on 3D printers can be ready for testing in a matter of hours.
Quality hardware in one of the critical pieces of the puzzle when it comes to designing and creating successful products that will meet and exceed customer expectations and lead to repeat business, regardless of the application involved.

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