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5 of the Best Online Home Design Tools

February 4, 2015

Whether you are renovating your current place or in the process of building or buying a new home, expert home design is what can turn a pile of bricks into a place you will call home for years. Many people turn to architects and consultants, which can cause costs to spiral out of control. Though such resources will be necessary at some point in the process, you can reduce costs by doing some of the leg work yourself. Below are 5 of the best online home design tools that you can use.

1. Design Basics

Design Basics helps you to create blueprints for your new home as well as additions to your current house. If you are starting from scratch you can search through different floor plans according to the number of rooms you desire. For a fee, you can purchase both the blueprint and the 3D design.

2. Armstrong Design Tools

With Armstrong Design Tools you can cultivate the color scheme for any room. If you are teetering between colors for your accent wall, this is the perfect tool for you. Not only can you compare wall colors, but you can also customize the flooring, trim and countertops. You can save your ultimate design to use for your home.

3. Indital’s StepOne Designer

Indital’s StepOne Designer is the ultimate stair designer. In a similar way to Armstrong Design Tools, you can mix and match different materials and patterns to find your right match. Choose your railings and balusters, as well as different design patterns, which include:

  • Open stringer
  • Closed stringer
  • Balcony

Feel free to customize the final color of the steps as well. With this tool you can be sure to create your perfect staircase.

4. SeeMeDesign

You can build the perfect living space utilizing SeeMyDesign. This tool allows you to design the interior of a room. You can add or remove walls and doors, paint and arrange furniture. There is also an estimator tool that can help you to calculate the cost of the project.

5. Deck Designer

If you are looking to add a deck to your home then Deck Designer is the tool for you. Not only does it allow you to choose the size, shape and color of your deck, but it also gives you the capability to add stairs and railings when needed. Once you have made your signature deck using the software, it compiles a list of the materials you will need as well as installation tips to ease the job.

Remodeling a house or having a home built does take a lot of effort, but these design tools can help to make some parts of the process a bit easier.

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