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Clean Your Carpets the Green Way

February 5, 2015

Carpets are an investment in the beautification of your home, offering many years of service in providing a warm and cushioned surface under your feet. Extend the longevity and increase the value of your carpets by cleaning them regularly. Not only does this necessary maintenance keep them looking their best, but it also adds years to the lifespan of your carpet.

While cleaning the carpets is a necessary and vital process, many people worry about the effect harsh cleaning chemicals will have on the environment, their children or their pets. Luckily, a new movement in green carpet cleaning is revolutionizing the way soil and other carpet stains are treated. It’s possible to have fresh, clean, soft and fragrant carpets without the use of questionable chemicals that may cause allergic reactions or harm the environment. Green Choice is New York’s premier green carpet cleaning service, offering customers the option of utilizing the latest in green technology to produce a result that exceed your expectations while protecting the indoor environment from unwanted chemicals.

Professional services include a wall to wall cleaning that involves removing even stubborn stains and odors, repairing carpet or treating the effects of any water damage that might have occurred. Customers can even request a professional re-stretching of their carpet if they would like to get rid of any unsightly wrinkles that have developed over time.

Every member of the Green Choice team is specially educated and certified in using the special techniques, cleaners and services that make the business stand apart from other carpet cleaning services. A representative will visit your home to ascertain exactly what your needs are and give you a quote on the cost of the job so there will be no surprises once the cleaning is done. For Oriental rug cleaning, the representative can take them back to be professionally treated that day; for wall to wall carpet, a convenient appointment can be made to fit your schedule.

From specially trained technicians to environmentally friendly products to friendly and helpful service, Green choice has a long history of customer satisfaction. For the finest carpet cleaning available in New York, Green Choice is the only choice.

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