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Decorating Your Bathrooms on a Budget

February 23, 2015

Admit it not everyone can afford to shell out big amounts of money in order to redecorate or design their homes. But a tight budget shouldn’t stop you from designing and decorating your dream home. Think of it as a challenge for you to beautify your home without going overboard with the budget.

The Right Color for you

It’s a known fact that the colors you see around you sometimes affect your mood. So think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create. For instance for your bathroom if you are planning to go for that spa like atmosphere you can either go for the calming and soothing effect of cool hues like blue. Or if you want a more energize feel go with warm hues like red and orange.

Go Furniture Shopping

It isn’t really necessary that you buy all brand new furniture. You can go to thrift shops to look for bathroom vanities, mirrors. Another idea is to go furniture shopping inside your own home. Say there is a cabinet missing a drawer or the door, you can turn this into a open shelve storage for towels and other bathroom necessities, just give it a fresh coat of paint and it’s good to go.

You can also recycle old jars and containers and give it a new look for added storage. Before throwing out old furniture think if there is another use for it. This will save you money in buying new things.

Tips and Tricks

Bathroom renovation can take too much of your time and money. But there are ways on how to save up at the same time make your bathroom looks excellent. If you think the old tiles look a little too old for your taste instead of putting a new one, why not put a rug or paint it over. Place a plant or two inside the room. This will make the room look lively. A neat room is always a welcome sight so always keep your room spic and span.

You don’t need too much money in order to make your house look pretty and nice. All you need is a creative imagination and you can definitely make it work. Sometimes all you need is a little new paint and a good looking mirror and you can transform your old room into a chic looking one.

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