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Using Tulle to Decorate Your Home

February 20, 2015

Beyond the typical fabrics used for curtains, pillowcases and lampshades, there are plenty of other fabrics that are perfect for decorating your home. With a little bit of imagination and some clever wrapping and tying techniques, you can take just about any strip of fabric and turn it into a pretty accent for any room. Tulle is particularly useful in many different settings in the home, from casual and everyday décor to creative accents during the holidays. Here are some ways you can use this useful textile around your home.


Sew a pocket for a curtain rod on one side of the fabric and hang it over the window. This fabric comes in a variety of colors, and because of its mesh-like texture, it’s easy to create a colorful feel by layering different hues and creating swags across the window. Choose your child’s favorite colors to add a unique touch to their room. You can also easily create a canopy bed with a horizontal rod and enough fabric to gather and drape all the way to the floor. Create elegant accent pillows to match the canopy by tying decorative bows around them. This 6” Tulle from HairBow Center is perfect for room décor projects and comes in a range of colors so you can match the existing décor easily.

Baskets, Plants, Railings and Pillars

Pretty much anything in your home can be easily dressed up with the right mesh fabric. Use it in baskets by pleating and stapling the fabric, then attaching it to the basket with glue. You can hide the staples with ribbon. Wrap the fabric around your plant pots and vases, then tie a beautiful bow. Do the same with the pillows on your couch. Spiral long pieces around railings and pillars. It’s easy to get different color effects by combining different colors of fabrics, or add twinkle lights under the fabric for a magical feel.


If you have blank walls in your home that you are dying to cover up, use the mesh textile to create panels that extend from floor to ceiling. You can hang it as it is, or create a more elegant feel by gathering and stapling the fabric at the top. Make it even more decorative by hanging swags at the top.

Holidays and Celebrations

Fabric is the perfect way to dress up your home for the holidays and special celebrations. Use the mesh on your walls and hang lights behind it to create a glowing atmosphere for a wedding. Tie ribbons around chairs with a decorative bow on the back for your guests. Bunch up white mesh and place it on a shelf, tabletop or counter with twinkle lights underneath to create the appearance of a winter wonderland. Spiral mesh ribbon around your tree. Tie squares together and fluff them out into a puffy ball. You can then hang them as ornaments from your tree or from your ceiling. Change up the colors to match whatever holiday you are celebrating. The decorative possibilities are endless.

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