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Giving a Small Kitchen More Space

March 5, 2015

Just because your kitchen area is small does not mean you can’t give the impression of more space. When you’re not quite ready to remodel yet, there are tricks you can use to open an area and give the illusion of having more square footage, as well as a few things to avoid to keep it from closing it in. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


When choosing a paint color, keep it light to provide an open feel. You may be tempted to try a trendy, darker shade, but, unfortunately, darker tones can make a space feel more closed in and smaller. Consider using white to place on cabinets, drawers, and ceilings to create smooth lines sans boundaries. You may consider similar shades to create a subtle contrast, but avoid high contrast colors.

Go Vertical

Diminish any boxy feel by creating vertical lines throughout the space. Frame windows with molding with vertical stripes. When creating storage, you can also build vertically, allowing for items such as spices and utensils to be stored on the wall while also creating a longer counter to ceiling illusion.


Utilize any natural light flowing into your kitchen area. Be sure window treatments are light and airy, allowing the light to flow in easily. Avoid heavy materials or dark colors.

Cabinet Doors

The truth is, there is more space to your kitchen then you are letting on. Your cabinets and pantry offer plenty of space that is hidden from view. Invest in cabinet doors with a glass front to offer depth to your cabinet area. Pantry doors can also be replaced with an ornamental glass door. If you are unsure about allowing everything in your cabinets or pantry to be seen by visitors, you can opt for opaque doors, which can still offer a sense of depth while allowing for a bit more privacy.

Furniture and Appliances

Avoid clunky tables and chairs in the kitchen as well as oversized appliances. Keep items slender and streamlined. Consider checking into a table with drop down sides so when you are not utilizing it takes up less space. If you have appliances that aren’t used on a regular basis, find a place in the cabinets or pantry where they can be easily stored, opening up counter space. Make sure any appliances you keep in your kitchen have a purpose and are used. Donate obsolete items or any whose function can be done by another. Not only will this allow you more space in which to work, but it will also create a less cluttered appearance.

With a few minute changes and a sharp eye, you can change take a small space from feeling claustrophobic to airy and spacious.

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