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A Job That Calls For Custom Tape

April 1, 2015

Adhesive tape is one of those mundane luxuries that people of the modern era give little thought to until they suddenly need it. Tape is one of those simple, significant inventions that allows us to literally hold parts of the physical world together. Packaging tape is a lot more complex than it at first seems and comes in a number of different types, colors, and qualities to give customers the maximum number of options for their needs. Some folks just like having a novelty packaging tape so that they can ship packages in a more colorful fun way for birthday parties or other occasions. Business customers need a much higher quality type of packaging tape so that their packages look professional and tidy.

Types of packaging tape

Flatback tape, striped tape, and gummed tape all serve practical purposes for consumers. They vary in their color, but each of these tapes serves a specific purpose in the packaging business. Printed tape dealers produce these different types of tape so that customers can budget their money to get just what they need and not anything more. An individual buyer is never going to need the strength of some of the more durable tapes that a business might need to ship heavy, rugged packages.

Choosing a business that cares

Some ink systems and printing systems can damage the environment. Thankfully, some companies out there care enough to ensure that they print on recycled paper and still go the extra mile to make it durable and of quality. The printing on the tape is something that you can always know is not harming the environment in any way.


Some printing companies also moonlight as designers and will walk you through the process of designing a custom tape package that suits your needs and looks wonderful to anyone who views the finished product. They’ll work out fonts for you and help you determine what is the most impressionable way to appeal to customers or to the people that will view the tape. This reduces a lot of stress on you because you don’t have to go through the design process yourself without also having knowledge of marketing and what styles are in for fonts and logo designs.

Most companies offer a section to click here and view other details about their past work.

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