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Signs Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

April 5, 2015

When was the last time you checked your gutter? Is there clogging causing moisture on the basement? Do you find it sagging? Are there leaks on the roof? These can be signs to scout for people who can fix the roof for you. You need to do something quickly to prevent more damage on your house. Here are some tips to know when you need roof repair.

1. How to Notice Changes in the Roof

When you want to repair your roof, determine the roofing material you used and the location where you live. Your roof may be made from cedar, and will probably need repair or replacement. During dry climate, the roof splits and falls apart. On moist climate, the roof can turn mossy. If the roof is tiled, you will need to search for broken or cracked pieces. If a certain part of your roof has wooden shakes, termites and other pests may have damaged it. To ensure sturdy and safe installation, have an expert do the job.

2. Checking the Damage on the Roof

To determine when to repair, you will need to inspect the entire roof for possible damages. It may include holes or loose materials around the chimney. Portions of the roof may be moist or rotten which could have triggered dripping water. The gutters and downspouts may be detached or can have debris. All these are visible from the exterior of your house.

It may not necessarily mean major repair when parts of the roof are damaged. You can delegate the repair job to yourself. Just ensure you know how to fix the roof. If professional service is required, search for a roof contractor that specializes in this job for a reasonable price.

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