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Tips for Maximizing Your Storage Space in a Small Home

April 27, 2015

The days of the McMansion are long over, and many people are interested in downsizing their living space. However, there is a delicate balance to be struck between avoiding wasted space and ending up in a cramped home. If you’ve downsized and are running into storage problems, here are some tips for maximizing the space you have.

Look Up to Find Wasted Space

Ceiling space in your closets, pantry, kitchen, and closets is often wasted. Hanging racks and hooks can help expand the area you have to stow seasonal decorations, extra bedding, large kitchen items and other space-hogging belongings.

Consider Built-In Shelving

Building an enormous bookshelf into one wall or into a closet can take advantage of every available inch of space, unlike freestanding shelving. A built-in can work in the family room, in the dining room or in the kitchen. If done correctly, a built-in can also serve as an entertainment center. If you’re trying to cram furniture into a room, a huge built-in can clear clutter and give you maximum space.

Swap Out Your Fixtures

If you have a pedestal sink in the bathroom, a cabinet-style sink will give you more storage for cleaning supplies, towels and other necessities. Replacing a flat mirror with a medicine cabinet is also a good solution. Swapping out old cabinets for more generous ones can add a lot of space in the kitchen. You can browse a site like or your local home store for ideas.

Use the Space Under the Furniture

For pieces that sit low to the ground, such as couches and beds, rolling storage boxes are inexpensive and can be great for stowing things out of sight while still leaving them easily accessible. For side tables and buffets that sit higher, gorgeous wicker or canvas boxes can keep shoes, books and other items organized and within easy reach.

If you’ve downsized your home and are struggling to make use of the smaller space, these tips can help you get organized. Living in a small space can be a challenge, but using every available inch to your advantage will make your home seem far more spacious.

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