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Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home

April 2, 2015

At first glance, curb appeal is nothing more than aesthetics; a pleasant yard is nice to come home to and relaxing on a summer evening. However, a beautiful yard can actually do much to increase the value of a house. Even if a simple bed of flowers or well-manicured lawn does not improve resale value, it can often make the home sell more quickly than it would if it had a poorly maintained yard.

Roof Repair

One of the first things that real estate agents, appraisers and even homebuyers notice is roof quality. They will notice if shingles are missing, peeling or extremely worn. A poorly maintained roof may tell buyers that the rest of the home is not maintained well either. Some roofs may look better with a professional cleaning if they do not need to be replaced.


Landscaping can make a previously boring lawn look full of personality. Well-placed trees, shrubbery, perennials and flowerbeds add color and texture to a yard. Some homeowners may be able to do simple landscaping by themselves; others may benefit from paying a professional to lay out the initial plans.

Regular Maintenance

However, no matter how well-landscaped a yard may seem, it must be regularly maintained. Homeowners must take time to trim hedges, replant annuals each spring, cut back perennials and trim dead branches from overgrown trees. Other problems to watch out for include cracked pavers, weed growth and inadequately mulched flowerbeds.

Decks and Patios

Another step a homeowner can take that alters the house’s façade more than some simple landscaping does is installation of a deck or patio. Decks and patios increase a home’s livable space during the warm months and are particularly important in warmer regions of the country. Some may even consider building a four-season porch or installing surrounding screens to keep out bugs during the summer. Many outdoor living companies, such as Archadeck, can help homeowners come up with a plan that will work for them while staying within a budget.

Homeowners can make many changes to their houses to increase resale value, such as remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom. However, first impressions are often the best impressions, and curb appeal can do much to make or break a home’s appearance. No matter what one’s budget may be, there are steps to take which can vastly improve the outer appearance of a home.

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