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7 Ways to Use Timber in Your Backyard

June 10, 2015

Whether you’re after rustic charm or a more polished finish, timber is a popular building material that is sure to deliver. From maple to ash and beech to cedar, there are many different types of timber that can be incorporated in your home and yard. For inspiration, keep reading. Here are seven ways you can make great use of this age-old material.


Imagine having the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of your yard and relax or entertain at the same time. A patio will allow you to do just that. Often considered to be less of an investment than a balcony or deck, a patio can turn an unused, boring space into a functional entertainment area that keeps on giving. Opt for a more traditional feel by including timber posts in your design. Industry specialists such as Additions Building have photographs of completed projects on their website that can give you more ideas – click here to have a look.


Want to be an instant hit with the kids? Give them their own private escape by crafting a beautiful timber treehouse, or by calling in building professionals to get the job done for you. Fancy features could include nautical, rounded windows, a climbing rope net, a slide or even a jump-off point for a flying fox!


The fun doesn’t end there. Grab an unused piece of timber to create a swing! Along with your wood, all you’ll need is some sturdy rope and a well-placed tree branch. You don’t need to be young to enjoy this feature either; a simple swing can add a whimsical vibe to your backyard.

Garden Beds

When creating flower beds or veggie patches, many people turn to timber sleepers for the border of their garden beds. Having these borders can establish clearly defined spaces that leave your yard looking both charmingly rural and neat. It’s a win-win combination!


While having a beautiful, well-maintained backyard is vital, you also need to make your outdoor spaces as functional as possible. Low on funds but want to be able to enjoy your yard more? Consider incorporating timber benches, which will allow you and your guests to sit back and take in the surroundings. Once again, timber will provide a more rustic aesthetic, as opposed to steel or cement.

Garden Path

For a simple addition that provides amazing results, a timber decking boardwalk is the way to go. The best part? You don’t need to spend time – or money – levelling the ground. Uneven or sloping earth can instead be easily transformed into magical garden paths, leading you to the great unknown.


From doors to walls and screens to feature pieces, timber lattices are multi-purpose structures that can really enhance both your yard’s functionality and style. Want a truly romantic look? Opt for climbing plants such as Bougainvilleas, Star Jasmine or Clemantis and plant them right near your new lattice.

Do you love using timber in your DIY or renovation projects? What other ways have you managed to use this material in your yard? Share your ideas and suggestions with others by leaving a comment in the box below.

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