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5 Renovation Tips For Small Homes

July 18, 2015

Renovating a small house can be a challenge. There are many more considerations when planning layouts, selecting furnishings and the final decoration stages for smaller properties. The good news is simple renovating and decorating tricks can create the illusion of bigger rooms without the need for major development. Here are some tips to help with small home renovation projects.

1. Increase Your Space

It sounds really simple in theory – just get more space. The reality is, it can be quite easy to expand your living space. While you may not have the land to extend your home substantially, there are plenty of other options to add extra space to a small home. For example, a company like Pop Blocks doesn’t just construct modular homes. Explore their other options like granny flats – which can also be used as an external office or teenage retreat. You may also be able to add a deck or pergola to your home for extra entertaining space.

2. Open Up Your Existing Living Areas

Small homes often have one thing in common – defined room boundaries. Sectioning off the kitchen from the living or dining area was a trend for many years, but newer homes opt for open plan living. While it may not be in your budget, or be feasible from a design perspective to knock down walls, there are ways to achieve an open plan look without drastic measures. Carry the same floor coverings and paint throughout the area to give the illusion of harmony.

3. Use Smaller Fixtures

This is especially important for your bathroom. A small bathroom with a giant shower, bath or vanity will look cramped and uncomfortable. Opt for frameless shower screens and a small vanity to keep the room open. Measure the size of the cabinets and test out the area it takes to open before you choose a design. You should also remove any old curtains from the window and replace them with slimline blinds.

4. Use Sliding Doors Where Possible

When space is at a premium, swinging doors can be really limiting. A sliding door provides versatility in planning and keeps your floor space open. Where a swinging door would require space to open 180 degrees, a sliding door utilises existing wall space. A sliding door provides a clean, sleek line as well.

5. Stick to One Colour Palette

One of the key things to keep in mind when renovating and decorating a small space is colour. Using one colour palette throughout the home can make a big difference to the overall appearance. Generally it’s best to stick to white, cream or neutral tones – these colours enhance the natural lighting. Natural lighting means the walls won’t feel as though they are closing in on you and it reduces the need for artificial lights. Keep a similar colour theme going for your furnishings as well and you will be surprised how big a difference it can make.

These are just a couple of tricks to working with the (minimal) space that you’ve got. What are some other suggestions and things to keep in mind for small home renovations?

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