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Safety Gear On the Job

July 10, 2015

When you work in a dangerous industry, from utility workers to roofers, hardworking employees must have the right gear to protect themselves from injury. In the past, many people have fallen or seriously hurt themselves because of poor or missing safety gear. From pole climbing gear to protective eyewear, consider these equipment choices for your next day on the job.

The Right Work Clothing

Select clothing that works well for your job site position. Long sleeves and thick pants are usually the uniform look for any utility or roofing worker. You protect your skin from sunburn and any loose tools or fasteners when you’re completely covered with clothing. Even look for clothing with an SPF factor to remain as cool and safe as possible in the harsh sunlight.

Head and Eye Wear Protecting Your Most Important Asset

Hard hats and protective goggles are basic safety gear you should always have on hand. Your head could succumb to concussion if a fall occurs without a protective helmet, for instance. Protect your eyes from any flying debris with strong eyewear designed for your workspace. If you’re injured anywhere along your skull or face, recovery is often a long time period. Protect yourself to keep working hard on projects you enjoy.

Climbing High Requires Key Components

If you must climb wood poles, wear the very best in ankle supports and spurs. You need to dig deeply into the pole and hold yourself steady as you work on electrical or phone lines, for example. Even select climbing gear with padding to make the work even more comfortable. When you protect your legs and feet from sliding down the pole, you’ll have a healthier body for future work.

If you encounter an employer who insists on work without the right safety gear, it’s time to find another job. This employer could be breaking both state and federal laws by asking for unsafe practices from their workers. You need to remain as safe as possible to perform the job correctly. Even go as far as purchasing your own safety gear to be sure of quality and availability.

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