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The Importance of Fire Resistant Doors

July 27, 2015

We all want security in our lives, be it a life free of war, poverty, or so many of the items which can destroy someone or something at a finger snap. When a family or business is involved, there’s extra urgency to make sure all is secure. This is especially true when it comes to natural disasters such as floor or fire.

Fire not only destroys property but, if proper protection isn’t provided, can harm people as well. Luckily, you have prepared your family or employees for such an incident by creating a evacuation plan and guidelines to protect them should they get caught in a conflagration. One of the things you have probably done is tell people to keep doors shut in the case of fire in order to prevent smoke and flames from engulfing a room.

This plan helps for a short period of time on standard doors. Therefore, what is needed in order to provide an extra level of protection is fire rated doors which keep a fire at bay for a longer period of time. Companies like ETO Doors provide customers across the country with quality products.

Because these doors keep fire at bay doesn’t mean they are impractical for a home or business. On the contrary, organizations which sell these types of doors offer a variety of styles which would fit in any type of establishment. For instance, primed, multi-paneled doors many people see in new home construction or those with a Douglas Fir or Mahogany exterior. Glass and French doors are also rated for fire protection and sold at these outlets

The main difference between standard doors and those rated to protect from fire is cost. Due to their extra layer of protection, fire doors may run several hundred dollars more than those one can purchase at the local home improvement store. However, the extra amount paid for these types of doors may be nothing as opposed to protecting family members, employees, or other valuable assets. Like other purchases, review all options available before making a decision on doors which provided extended protection against fire.

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