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Are Plastic Bags Worth Their Price?

August 24, 2015

How often have you stood at the checkout line at your favorite grocery store and been asked whether you prefer paper or plastic? While standing there, you may have noticed that a rack of reusable bags is also available for an inexpensive price. Have you ever wondered if it was worth paying the dollar or two that the retailer is asking? If you knew just how expensive the use of a single plastic sack was, you might consider that reusable bag to be a much better deal. Are you feeling a bit skeptical? Spend a few minutes with the following infographic to learn more about the use of plastic bags and the benefits of switching to reusable shopping bags.

Take a look at the cost to the retailer. A plastic bag costs anywhere between five to fourteen cents, for the simplest bags. This cost adds up quickly for any business with a lot of shoppers. This doesn’t even take into consideration the amount of time that baggers have to spend trying to pull apart the thin layers of plastic without tearing bag after bag. Consumers are paying a price as well. Naturally, they pay for the cost of production in their total. Then, there’s the price of maintaining landfills and the costs associated with paying someone to pick up all of the plastic pieces of trash that can be found on nearly every street, sidewalk, and beach. Learn more about the high price you pay for plastic from the infographic below.

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