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4 DIY Ways to Make Your Home Safer

September 28, 2015

When you’re at home, you want to feel safe. A professional security service can monitor your house, but if you don’t want to add another item to your list of bills, there are ways you can take safety into your own hands. With just a few simple additions to your home, you’ll have added security and peace of mind. The beauty of each one of the following simple ideas is that they act as visible deterrents to criminals. They send a signal to would-be wrongdoers that your home is not an easy mark.

1. Security Cameras

Security cameras and kits are available to nearly everyone and because they’re simple to setup, you can handle installation yourself. Sophisticated systems include a DVR and several cameras, and many allow you to monitor live streams online from a computer or a smartphone. In addition, the DVR makes a recording you can review later. You may be able to activate or program the system even when away from home.

2. Deadbolts

Replace old, easy-to-pick locks with new, stronger ones. Deadbolts are much harder to break than the simple locks on door handles. If you want to forego keys, you can buy locks that open with a pass code or even a fingerprint.

3. Sturdy Doors

The best lock won’t do much if your door is flimsy. Consider buying a security door. Have it professionally installed if you don’t know how to do it yourself. At the same time, have the frame upgraded to be as sturdy as the new door. Security doors designed for residential use are not only strong, but they’re also attractive. With one upgrade, you can increase security and a have a better-looking entryway. If you want to ensure that potential thieves identify your home as a fortress, you can get a door that has cool-looking wrought-iron bars.

4. Lighting

A well-lit home looks occupied and signals criminals to move on. Lights around your doors, driveway, and garage reduce dark hiding areas. You can choose a combination of lighting, some decorative and some simply utilitarian. Motion-activated lights are great because not only do they scare prowlers away, but they also light your path when you arrive home after dark. It’s not always possible or practical to flip on a light when you’re in an entryway, and motion-activation saves you from having to fumble in the dark for keys, switches, and locks. Just like with doors, new lighting can beautify your home while making if safer.

No system is fail safe, but with a few steps, you can decrease the risk of criminal activity around your house.

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