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Basic Info about Restumping and Raising

September 21, 2015

When modifying your home, you will rarely hear about restumping and raising. Aside from focusing on interior design, people are more familiar with lawn beautification and solving roofing problems. If you live in a flood prone area or have issues with termites, you should be in the loop with restumping/reblocking as it will help with your home foundation. Here are the things you need to know before searching for reblocking Moonee Ponds.

What Exactly Is A Restumping and Raising Procedure?

Underneath your shiny wooden flooring are stumps or stump sub-floor. These are necessary for the foundation of your house, to make it stronger and last longer. These stumps are placed under tremendous strain as time passes. It can be due to termite problems or flooding when heavy rain occurs in the neighborhood. Not only can it weaken the foundation over time, it also spells danger for you and your family when ignored.

Restumping involves replacing these stumps or taking necessary steps to correct the problem. Coupled with raising, it will protect your house should another flood appears. It may sound simple, but professionals should be the only ones handling this.

How Will You Know If Your House Needs It?

Check for the following signs:

  • Your windows and doors refuses to shut correctly, move as it should, and is giving you problems over time.
  • You had termite problems in the past.
  • There are presence of cracks in your home’s interior walls.
  • Soft flooring or unleveled flooring.
  • You live in a flood prone area and has been experiencing it for the past years.

Other Things You Need To Know:

As reblocking cost a lot, make sure that the company who will do it have experience in this line of work. They also need the necessary papers to do this and always ask if they have insurance. This will help you should a mistake or accident happens. Finally, you can consider restumping a few parts as it will be cheaper. However, keep in mind that other older stumps may give in, causing you to have this procedure done again. It may be better if you have everything changed at the same time.

Restumping and raising may not be as popular as roofing repair. But it is equally important too. Never skip it if you feel that your house is in need of it.

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