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Finding Your Style in Home Interiors

October 1, 2015

Have you ever looked through a home décor magazine and saw a room design that really resonated with you? There is something about interior design that makes you take notice when you see a space that reflects your vision of an ideal home. Let’s look at some of the main design styles and why each may appeal to you.

Rustic Rooms

If the word “rustic” brings to mind a cabin in the woods, you are not far off. Here are some of the main characteristics of rustic homes.

  • Natural elements: Wood may be used for the mantle, paneled walls, or beams overhead. Stone can surround the fireplace or be used as flooring in the foyer.
  • Texture: Fabric on the sofa, throw pillows, and rugs usually are highly textured to create visual appeal.
  • Colors: The palette in rustic homes includes browns, greens, and dark reds.

Casual Living

Many people find comfort in spaces that are welcoming with deep cushions. Let’s look at the hallmarks of this design approach.

  • Furniture: The pieces may be heavier and tend to be in warm woodgrain. They are often arranged in diagonal angles.
  • Lines: There are no harsh edges in casual design. Everything appears full and cushiony, again with many soft-looking textures.
  • Livability: Families may find casual design to be more practical. The warm colors are better at hiding dust and dirt, and the comfortable furniture is ideal for children.

Contemporary Spaces

We’ve all seen the sleek, clean lines featured in modern design. Many people consider this look to be particularly masculine, but contemporary design can work for just about anyone. Here are the fundamental considerations.

  • Architecture: High ceilings, big windows, and lots of wall-mounted cabinetry create a geometric look.
  • Materials: Contemporary homes rely on materials such as leather, glass, and mirror. Metals like chrome and steel are popular in modern design as well.
  • Texture: You’ll usually find a lot of smooth, shiny surfaces in modern looks, but they might be broken up by a nubby area rug.

Formal Homes

Some people prefer to truly dress up their homes in a formal way. Here’s a list of what you’d expect to see in a formal space.

  • Symmetry: Furniture placement and special attention to scale is key in formal designs.
  • Fabric: Heavy drapery, lots of strategically placed throw blankets, and ornate embroidery show up often in these spaces.
  • Accessories: Oil paintings, chandeliers and deep area rugs are the top choices for décor in formal rooms.

We hope you’ve recognized your own style among these common design approaches. This knowledge may help explain why certain designs catch your eye.

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