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5 Items To Boost Your Bedroom Style

November 29, 2015

For many, styling a bedroom is often an afterthought. But as a relaxing sanctuary where we retire at the end of each day, our bedrooms deserve to serve more of a purpose than just being a place to sleep. Anyone can easily turn their bedroom from drab to fab with just a few changes – and a few carefully placed items. Here are 5 items to consider including as part of your next bedroom makeover.

1. Pile On More Pillows

A bed is always enhanced with a number of carefully placed pillows. In addition to high-quality sleeping pillows from suppliers such as MiniJumbuk, Euro-style cushions can add height, drawing the eye upwards towards the bed head. Also consider rectangular cushions and bolster cushions to add variety and interest. One of the best things about pillows and cushions is that they are an easy way to change up the décor of the room, with different colour schemes and patterns to suit the mood or season.

2. Switch Up The Soft Furnishings

As well as pillows, other soft furnishings such as throw rugs, curtains, quilts, blankets and even floor rugs help to make a bedroom that much more comfortable and inviting. Soft furnishings add balance and soften the hard lines of a room (such as door and window frames) while also helping to add texture and colour (and, of course, comfort!) to the space. They also dress up a space. Think of them like adding icing to the cake that is your bedroom!

3. Add Illumination With Lamps

Soft, flattering lighting can make the bedroom environment that much more intimate. So if you’re relying on just a ceiling light, it may be time to rethink your approach to inviting bedroom lighting. A stylish lamp on each bedside table will add symmetry to the room, framing each side of the bed. Lamps by the bedside are also more convenient for bedtime reading. And when it’s time for lights out, instead of having to get up, you can just flick a switch from where you are.

4. Accessorise With Artwork

Artwork adds visual interest to walls that are otherwise blank and boring. Especially in bedrooms where there is no bedhead, artwork above the bed is even more important for adding height to the space. Some general rules for adding artwork include making sure it is hung at eye level and choosing lighter coloured pieces in darker rooms and vice versa in lighter rooms to provide contrast. Also, make sure to choose the right size picture for the wall. Smaller pieces may be best left hung either side of a window, keeping the largest for the space above the bed.

5. Maximise The Area With Mirrors

Mirrors are not only practical in the bedroom for dressing purposes; a well-placed mirror can also add light and increase the sense of space. Always place mirrors where they reflect something worth looking at, and consider placing an elegant standing mirror to complete that unused corner of the bedroom. Hanging a mirror above a dresser also helps to complete the classic bedroom look.

These are just some common ways you can restyle your bedroom with just a few basic furnishings and décor items. What other ways have you given your bedroom a style overhaul? Share your tips and advice below!

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