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5 Ways to Decorate Your Living Room

December 21, 2015

Does your living room need a drastic update? If so, you’ve come to the right place! There are a number of ways that you can easily give your space a fresh look, and the best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune. Sometimes, just changing one thing or adding a pop of colour can instantly make the room feel different, so here are 5 quick and easy ways inspired by industry leaders to renew your living area!

Mismatched Pillows

Clashing prints, patterns and textures are so hot right now – especially when it comes to your decorative pillows. Collect a range of contrasting cushions for your couch to create a stylish feature. The sky is the limit! If you have a neutral couch, try colour blocking with complementary pairs such as blue and orange. Or, mix prints to create a charming effect – the trick here is just to keep a constant colour scheme to tie the pieces together, but any combination can work! Otherwise, if you just want to go for one colour, create interest by mixing textures for a subtle result. Check out online retailers such as Yo Home for a great selection of decorative cusions and other pieces of beautiful linen.

Pick a Statement Piece

Whether it’s a plush lounge, a chic coffee table, or a colourful mural, pick one object in the room that will be the statement piece and revise the surrounding pieces to complement it. The feature will draw everyone’s eye towards it, so it means that you can keep the other accessories minimal and still have a cohesive look. It may even be a conversation starter when guests arrive for coffee!

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are perfect for decorating your living room because they breathe colour and life into a space, but many are also quite easy to maintain. For a small option, look to varieties of succulents and terrariums as they need little maintenance. Or, larger cacti, princettia, bamboo, orchids and green foliage can be incorporated for a bigger impact. Your local home and garden store will be able to help you find an option that suits your lifestyle and climate.

Family Photos

A living room is not complete without a collection of family photos, but that doesn’t mean having heaps of frames throughout the room – a custom-printed canvas is a great way to display your favourite images and creates a great keepsake. Most photo shops can do these at a reasonable price. Alternatively, use your DIY skills and make a large collage to hang on the wall.

Good Lighting

Living rooms are multi-functional, so they need to have good lighting for entertaining guests but must have the ability to darken for movie sessions. If there’s not much natural light in your area, use stylish light fittings such as drop-down pendants or free-standing lamps to add some brightness to the space as well as an interesting piece of décor. If natural light is aplenty, make sure to take advantage of it but install blinds to block out the glare if needed during the day.

If you could do one thing to redecorate your living room, what would it be? Leave your thoughts below to help inspire other readers!

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