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Extending the Life of Your Patio Furniture

December 11, 2015

People who live in tropical climes get the benefit of living outdoors most of the time. However, the furniture you use for entertaining outside can take a beating from the sun, heat, and everyday use. Outdoor furniture may be a major expenditure for you, so make the most of it by learning how to extend its life in the elements. Here’s what you need to know so that you can enjoy your outdoor furnishings for many more years.

Start at the Beginning

If you haven’t bought patio furniture yet or you are planning to replace your current set, you can ensure a longer life in the elements if you choose the right furnishings from the get-go. Be on the lookout for sun damage-resistant or water-repellant fabrics covering the pillows and seat cushions. Metal furniture may last the longest, but it can be prone to rust. There are some hardy wicker-look materials available in furniture, or you may just want to go with plastic, which is easier to clean in the long run.

Frame Preparation

Regardless whether you have metal, wood, or wicker furniture, you will need to take the time to coat it with some sort of protectant. There are products available for all of these materials. If you’ve had the furniture for a while, make sure to clean it first to remove dirt and mold. If the set is new, you can skip the cleaning, but don’t skip the protectant. Look for coatings that resist water, mold, and rust. You might want to spray the fabrics with a sealer as well.

Spot Cleaning

After the furniture has been in use for a while, it is likely to incur some stains or dirt accumulation. In this case, use a mild cleaner to scrub the spot or large area gently. Spray the cleaned surface with water and either leave in the sun to dry or wipe it off with a dry towel. If you have a cleaning instruction sheet from the manufacturer, follow it closely for the best results and to avoid losing the warranty.


If there is a storm coming, cover your patio furniture if possible. It likely was not designed to withstand high winds or hail storms. Also, if you will be away from your house for a long period or you store your furniture between seasons, make sure to put it out of the sun or even inside if you can. You will get much more life out of your furnishings if you can keep them in the garage over the winter.


During the time of year that you use your patio furniture, keep an eye on its condition. If you see mold growing, clean it immediately. Rust on metal furniture also should be addressed right away. If you need to reapply the protectant product, do so at the beginning of the season.

By taking good care of your patio furnishings, you can help ensure you are able to enjoy them for years to come. Outdoor living is a pleasant way to spend the warm season, and with nice furnishings, you’ll be happy to invite guests over to enjoy it with you.

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