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Things to Remember When Buying an Electronic Frame

December 3, 2015

You first saw it in the movies. A frame that changes pictures every five seconds. It was so futuristic, it was magical, it was the in thing back in the 2007. Years later and we still cannot get it out of our gift bags and we are still loving it the way one should. This digitally enhanced Picture frame can lighten up any room in no time.

Great Conversational Piece

For those parties that require focal conversational pieces this is the it thing to have. It brings out those never before posted on facebook pictures that are personal and private. Easily showcase them in the privacy of your home replacing those moldy albums that harms your coffee tables.

Choosing the right one

  1. Purchase a high resolution Electronic Frame. The price may be a turn off at first but  it won’t be once you look at the fabulous 640 x 480 pictures. Images won’t be pixilated and boxy and even if it comes with a price well it’s worth the buck.
  2. Choose a 7 to 15 inches frame so you will be able to clearly view the photos. Although most of the photos are captured for 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio by default a 7 inch frame will perfectly showcase it.
  3. Purchase one for its use. Other electronic frames have wifi and other full web uses as well but keep it simple and just buy one specifically for showcasing your photos. Easy to maintain as well. But then it is still up to you if you want those add ons.

It is a must have for every home especially for those who are just starting a family. Lovely photos don’t need to be stuck in between moldy papers anymore. Some of these electronic frames can last a long time if you know how to choose well.

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