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Ideas to Use Candles as Garden Lights

March 13, 2016

Add enchantment and mystery to your beautiful garden by using candles. Instead of going the traditional route of installing electric lights, consider adorning the area with candles of different sizes and shapes. Not only can it enhance the ambiance, it also saves a lot of money if you are trying to lower the utility bills. Here are some ideas you can use.

Candle In A Jar

Add years to the life and function of your used jars by placing candles inside them. You can simply hang it on that huge tree on your garden or line them on the stoned pathway leading to the center of the area. The beauty of jars is they come in different colors. This means you can play with hues but still get the same astounding effect when placed all over the garden.

Potted Candles

Did you buy one too many pots when you were out shopping for your garden supplies? Do not fret because you can still use it by placing candles inside. The size of the candle is dependent on the pot so have fun finding a suitable one for each. After, place the lighted pots on a table or position them on the corner.

Let It Float

For floating candles, consider placing them on a bowl with water. This is ideal when you have parties in the garden and you want lighting for the table. You can also add flower petals on the bowl for charm. This idea is also suitable for small aquariums if you find yourself lacking a transparent bowl.

Tiki Torch Candles

Tiki parties in the garden call for torches all over the place. For this, you do not always have to use real torches. There are candles that can be bought in stores or online that are already placed on a torch-like handle. Let it stand on the side to guide your guests to the main party.

Compared to electric lighting, candles provide less illumination. However, the ambiance it gives is worth it and will make everyone who sees it enjoy their stay. Let the following ideas inspire you for your next garden remodel or design.

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