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Modern Living Area Rug Ideas

March 24, 2016

Rugs are great accessories to the home, whether it is the conventional style or contemporary. When it comes to modern space and living rooms, people assume that they should stick to the boring rug so it will not clash with the theme. But that is not always the case. You can still have fun with the rug without compromising the style. Here are some ideas.

Consider Animal Prints

Minimalists should not be afraid of using animal prints for the rug. It can be a little loud, but it would not confuse the eyes because the rest of the space is neat and uses the same color tones. Having a giraffe, leopard, or zebra print brings focus on one part, creating perfect balance to the otherwise boring area.

Play With Geometric Patterns

If the first suggestion is too showy for you, go for shaped patterns instead. Circular, rectangular, horizontal, and zigzag designs are what you should search for when choosing a rug. There are dozens of patterns to choose from but those are the basic. After using it for a longer period and you find yourself more comfortable, you can upgrade to the criss-cross, swirls, and interloping motif.

Colorful Rugs Add Charm

A pop of color here and there would not hurt, especially in the minimalist living room. Rather than choosing dull color tones, go for neon and vibrant ones. This is favorable if you have a kid around as they will appreciate the livelier mood it offers.

The Shape Of The Rug Matters

If hesitant to add color or pattern to your rug, you can still make it unique by choosing a different shape. Rectangular shaped rugs are not the only ones you can buy. There are also circular, splattered, and even animal shaped rugs that are made from synthetic materials.

Minimalists should never be afraid to try out rugs of different shapes and designs. When the right one is chosen, it will not hinder with the aesthetic you are aiming for. Instead, it will only beautify the place and add a sense of adventure, elegance, and style. Learn to mix and match until you get the right result.

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