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Home Design with Concrete Pathway

May 4, 2016

The front of the house says much about the occupants. If it is clean and beautiful, people think that the residents are also organized and appreciate elegance. The same can be said if it is unkempt and dilapidated. Adding a concrete pathway enhances your property, creating an inviting space from the outside alone. If grand entrances are your thing, here are some things to keep in mind.

Pattern Your Pathway

Concrete walkways come in a wide array of designs and patterns. You need not stick to traditional and dull looking gray tones. Opt for eye-catching styles that will help bring out the beauty of the front. The more conservative the entrance is, the better your patterned pathway will complement it.

Have A Stairway

Pathways look grander when it ends in stairways or steps just outside the front door. It is pleasing to the eyes and gives the appearance of a larger space. Select the proper texture and color to make it more appealing.

Place Planters or Fountains

Add charm to your boring pathway by placing huge circular fountains in the middle. If you think maintenance is going to be an issue due to the water replacement, use planters instead. It gives the same relaxing vibe while being easier to clean.

Go All Out With Columns

For complete visual experience, you can place concrete columns on the side. Whenever your guests walk on the pathway, they will feel as if they are stepping on a different place altogether, and not merely visiting a friends home.

Revive Your Old Concrete

Because replacing your old but still very usable concrete tends to be expensive, you should consider giving it a facelift instead. Do that by using stencils and paints that will give it a complete overhaul. It costs cheaper but makes the pathway look better.

Concrete walkways are often misinterpreted as dull or cold looking. With the proper style and technique, that should not be the case. Let the following tips guide you into creating a pathway that you can be proud to show off, whether it be to the guests, neighbors, or your own family.

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