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Getting Ready for College? How to Pick a Career

November 4, 2016

Going to college means you’re about to embark on a journey that will help you grow into an adult. From social situations to living on your own for the first time – at least for many students – college is a major stepping stone in life.

Why you’re going to college though shouldn’t be forgotten. The fact is that most high school graduates attend college to get a leg up when it becomes time to start looking for a job out in the real world. In today’s job market, finding something worthwhile might be a bit harder than you think.

While you might just now be filling out applications and searching for grants and student loans, it’s never too early to think about what you want to be doing for the rest of your life. Starting to think about that now will also help you pick a major that will guide your career choice for the first few years out of school.

Use this guide to learn more about which careers could be ideal choices for you. They may not all be right for your interest and personality, but there’s something everybody is passionate about out there.


When you’re thinking about industries that will always need people to work in them, medical is one of the first fields you should think of. Becoming a doctor can require 10+ years of school, but nursing offers many benefits in much less time.

If you like working with people and feel that medical options could be good for you, nursing often makes sense.


Dentists and dental assistants are always in high demand, much like doctors and nurses. Dental offices also have regular hours that make these jobs ideal for people who want to have families and solid personal lives outside of work.


Architecture requires a fair amount of math, so if you hate doing algebra, this probably isn’t the major for you. If you thrive on math and logic problems though, architecture school could be right up your alley. The world is also going to need architects forever.

There are a lot of places to go to school architects Virginia residents have hired trust. Do your homework and pick a program that will teach you the skills that you need to know to build a successful career. Not all schools are created equal, after all.

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