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How to Prevent Mold and Mildew in Your Child’s Bedroom

March 4, 2017

Allergens are usually found on beddings. They are mostly caused by mold and dust. Fighting dust is everyone’s bane, but should not be everyone’s nightmare especially if you have kids. They are the most likely to suffer but allergies can still be controlled with the following steps.

1. Linens

A lot of linens that are anti allergens are available in the market. Manufacturers are already revolutionizing their products to fit any parents need to control such daily occurrence. Your child may not have asthma or such but keeping the dust away with these helpful fabrics will appease your mind and your child’s lungs.

2. Religious Vacuum and Cleaning

Most common prevention is of course Cleaning by vacuum or wiping off the dust. Easily avoid the dust to accumulate and eventually turn into molds. Many of the households do not have carpeting however rugs are often the replacement, so make sure to vacuum them to avoid mildew.

3. A little liquid solution to get the Mildew out

Mix 1TBSP of liquid soap with 2 Cups of Water. This liquid solution will assist you from take out any mildew that got away and grew in your child’s room. Do this about two times each spot and dry it out completely.

4. Dehumidifiers or in the olden times Open a Window

Natural Air is still the best prevention of molds and mildews. By simply airing out any room, mattress, linen, furniture, carpet or rug you will be able to stop anything from growing on anything. The sun is your best protector. If impossible Dehumidifiers comes in all kinds and has additional preventive solutions as well.

Keep stuffy nose clean and clear. Prevent and protect your kids from those invisible small and tiny enemies. Easily follow these steps and secure your child’s room for a fun and happy Children’s bedroom. Do not over fret, it happens to the best of us, as long as there are these steps, there is a way out.

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