Ensuring your product safety and product compliance

Author: Certified Machinery |

Ensuring Your Product Safety And Product Compliance - Certified Machinery

Certified Machinery is pleased to offer a full range of checkweighers, metal detectors and x-ray machines. In the manufacturing environment it important to ensure that the quality of your products is consistent and free of outside elements and thus eliminating costly recalls.

Metal detectors and x-ray machines are available for both food and pharma. Metal detectors are offered in a variety of sizes to meet your product dimensions. The units can detect ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel in both packaged and non-packaged goods.

Checkweighers help to ensure that the product you ship conforms with the weight requirements as per label specifications. We also have a combination metal detector and checkweigher.

Call to @ 609-912-0300 to discuss your production requirements.


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